Single Sheet Books

Single sheet books are quick and simple to use. Just download the PDF file of the book you want, print it out, fold the printed sheet over twice and you have a book ready for the beginning reader. Print as many books as you want or print one and make the number of copies you need on a copy machine. If you have a slower Internet connection start out with the books that have the smaller file sizes.




Books Listed Alphabetically


A Cat Can

A Dog

A Dog Can

A Frog

A Hot Dog Smiled

A Jet Flew

A Man and a Dog

A Rhino is Big

A Shark Can Be Big

A Ship is Big

A Treat

A Turtle

A Whale is Big

An Ant Went to Work

Ann Sits

_at Words - 1

_at Words - 2

Bananas Taste Good

Be a Cat

Be a Cat - Blank space for a boy's name

Be a Cat - Blank space for a girl's name

Be a Football

Be a Football - Blank space for a boy's name

Be a Football - Blank space for a girl's name



Caught a Fish





Gingerbread People

Halloween Has

Halloween is Coming


Horses are Nice


I am 1 Dad

I am a Cat

I am a Dad

I am Dee

I am Nan

I am Nat

I am Sad

I am Sam

I am Tamee

I Can See a Cat

I Can See a Cow

I Can See a Dog and a Cat

I Can See a Mouse

I Can See a Sheep

I Can See Dan

I Can See Matt

I Can See Tim

I Have a Horn

I Like Elephants

I'm Dad

I'm Sam

I Need That

I Need That Sweet

I See a Bear

I See a Camel

I See a Cat

I See a Cow

I See a Giraffe

I See a Toy Car

I See Apples

I See Dee

I See Deer

I See Mint

I See Nan the Ant

I See Nan the Man

I See Peas

I See Sam

I See Sand

I See Seeds

I See the Man

I See the Mitt

I See the Weed

I Swam

I Swim

Like to Fish

Look at This Goat

Look at This Hippo

Matt Sits


Mountains Can Have

Nat Was An Ant

One Day a Boy

One Day a Computer

One Day a Girl

One Thanksgiving


Sam I Am

Sam I See

See Me

Sheep Live on Farms

Shoes Can Be Big


Some Birds

Some Kids

Some People Play

Some People Race

Some Trees


The Boy Found

The Boy Liked

The Boy Played With

The Cats Need

The Dad Sat

The Deer Can Hear

The Girl Liked

The Girl Played With

The Man Played

The Man Sat

The Man Seeds

The Man Swam

The Man Was Sad

The Mouse

The Mouse Found

The Rat Sat

This Cat Can Sit

This Cat Sat

This is a Ball

This is a Dog

Tim Did This

Tim Sat and Sat

Tim Was in the Wind



We Swam



If you have Microsoft Publisher 2002 you can use this template to create your own single sheet books : Single Sheet Book Template



Books Listed Alphabetically