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Beginning Reader Stories -

624 stories that can help beginning readers learn to read.





Easy to Read Picture eBooks - 112 ebooks



Español - Easy to Read Picture eBooks in Spanish - 69 ebooks



My Name Is In This Story - 28 stories

Stories featuring over 240 first names of beginning readers.

Send an email to have your beginning reader's first name placed in a story.



Math eBooks aligned with the Common Core State Standards - 28 ebooks



Single Sheet Books - 128 books for printing



Dolch Sight Word Stories - 561 free stories found on www.readinghawk.com



Kindergarten Stories - 229 stories





Advanced Beginning Reader Stories - 27 stories



Advanced Beginning Reader Stories: Put Me in the Story versions - 27 stories



Beginning Reader Chapter eBooks - 4 ebooks



Beginning Reader Stories Available for Translating or Editing - 176 stories



Easy to Read Picture eBooks Available for Translating or Editing - 15 ebooks



Lusoga Language Stories for Beginning Readers in Uganda - 36 stories


Lusoga Language eBooks for Beginning Readers in Uganda - 4 ebooks




I am a former special education teacher from Spokane Valley, Washington USA and have created these free stories, ebooks and other materials for use in the classroom and at home. I hope your beginning readers will be helped by what I am able to share with you on this website.

Please feel free to let other teachers and parents know about www.clarkness.com and www.readinghawk.com.

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Clark Ness




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